BPEL HelloWorld Example with Eclipse and Apache ODE

Hi Guys as i explained in my previous post how to install Apache ODE and Eclipse BPEL Designer now im here to explain how to deploy the first BPEL process flow

Objective: deploying a BPEL process which receives an input string from a client and responses it exactly that input.
Tools: Eclipse 3.6.2, BPEL Designer 0.5.0 Plugin, Tomcat 7.0.12, ODE 1.3.5

step1.Create new BPEL project: File→New→Others→BPEL 2.0→BPEL Project.
step2.Name it BPEL_HelloWorld. Select the Target Runtime as Apache ODE 1.x Runtime and Configuration as Defaut Configuration for Apache ODE 1.x Runtime. Click Finish.


step3.In the folder BPEL_HelloWorld\bpelContent, File → New → Other → BPEL 2.0 → New BPEL process file.
step4.Name it HelloWorld, Namespace http://helloworld.localhost and select Template Synchronous BPEL Process. Click Next.


step5.Edit the Service Address to : http://localhost:8080/ode/processes/HelloWorld (suppose that your Tomcat environment runs at port 8080) and keep other default declarations. Click Finish.


step6. Three files are created in the folder bpelContent and the HelloWorld.bpel is opened for editing the BPEL process.
step7. Click to open the Palette panel on the right of the canvas. (or right click on the canvas, select Show Pallette on Palette View)


step8. Drag the Assign action next to the receiveInput action and delete the FIX_ME-Add_Business_Logic_Here.


step9. Right click on the Assign activity. Select Show in properties.
step10.In the Properties tab, select Details. Click on the New button to define an assign operator.
step11.Assign from input→payload→input to output→payload→result. An Initializer popup dialog appear. Click Yes to initialize the output variable and save the process.


step12. It’s time now to deploy the BPEL project. Click on the folder bpelContent, select File→New→Others→BPEL 2.0→Apache ODE Deployment Descriptor.
step13. Click Next. Verify the BPEL Project name as BPEL_HelloWorld. Click Finish.


step14 .Double click on the deploy.xml file in the bpelContent folder.
step15. In the Inbound Interfaces table, select the Partner Link as client, Associate Port as HelloWorldPort. Click on Related Service then other fields will be automatically filled. Save the deploy.xml file.


step16. To deploy the project on the server, right click on the Ode v1.x Server at localhost, select Add and Remove Projects.
step17.Select the BPEL_HelloWorld/HelloWorld in the Available projects box and click Add. Then, click Finish


step18. Start the ODE server. If the deployment was successful, you will see the following output in the console tab.


step19. We will test the project with Web Services Explorer provided by Eclipse. Right click on the HelloWorldArtifacts.wsdl file. Select Web Services→Test with Web Services Explorer.
step20. Select the operation process. Then, type Hello ODE in the input textbox. If your deployment was success, you will get the same string in the SOAP response.


We are Done
Happy Coding 🙂


2 thoughts on “BPEL HelloWorld Example with Eclipse and Apache ODE

  1. Hello Mantha, first of all, thank you so much for your step-by-step. I’m getting an error when I try to test the project with Web Services Explorer.

    I’m getting the following error: Schema ‘SA’ does not exist.
    Do you know what’s causing this error?

    I’m new in BPEL and I don’t know much about Eclipse and how it works.
    All the best

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