Marvin, awesome Image processing framework

Hello guys, its along time i wrote my blog post. these days i got little busy with my project work and deliverables so i took little time to write up this article. Suddenly i thought of working with simple sixth sensing device so i started working little bit and found a very good frameworks “OpenCV”,”JavaCV” and “Marvin” already i know how to use OpenCV now as of my personal interest i choose Marvin. so in this i try to write a very simple code to invert a image.

Please download the marvin framework from the below marvin

now once your marvin framework got downloaded, create a project in your eclipse and the project structure should look as below.


once your config is done, its time to write the code as below.

package com.spark.marving.samples;

import marvin.image.MarvinImage;
import marvin.plugin.MarvinImagePlugin;
import marvin.util.MarvinPluginLoader;

 * @author Sony
public class InvertImages {

	 * @param args
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		MarvinImage image = MarvinImageIO.loadImage("./images/Osmania.jpg");

		MarvinImagePlugin invertplugin = MarvinPluginLoader

		invertplugin.process(image, image);

		MarvinImageIO.saveImage(image, "./images/conertedImage.jpg");


once this code is done and we start running the result is something like below.



3 thoughts on “Marvin, awesome Image processing framework

  1. Hey Pavan, i am working on a project which requires filter effects on images, i came across many libraries but i am unsure of which one to use, can you throw some light on which library i should be using for filter affects mainly among marvin, graphicsmagick, imagemagick?

  2. Hey Pavan,

    I am trying to read .tif file in the Marvin Framework with out any success.

    MarvinImage image = MarvinImageIO.loadImage(“./files/Example1.tif”);
    This is the one I used to read the file

    and this the error I got
    Exception in thread “main” java.util.NoSuchElementException

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