I am M K Pavan Kumar (Pavan), living in Hyderabad India with my family. I got fascinated with Java when I was in MCA. It all started from there. I developed 32 Mini projects in my MCA some of them are games and some are utilities. In those times i used c/c++/Java.

I studied Physics and Electronics in Bachelors. Then I did post graduation in computer applications.

After my MCA i got campus placed in AppsAssociates as a startup as a java programmer(Associate Consultant). I am pretty comfortable with programming using Java with more than 3+ years of programming experience(Official). Its nostalgic, writing java from JDK 1.4. I recently learned Android and JQuery.

I started this blog with a personal reason. I started ambitiously writing every article by giving more and more depth and coverage to the subject. This has become a passion for me. I work full time in a company, and I maintain this blog in my free time.


This website heavily stands on top of the shoulders of other websites, blogs, books, journal articles and forums. Most of the content I write are what I read from these sources. I read and understand from different sources, then reproduce in my own terms and add little bit of my experience and present it to you. I owe it to lot of people and my sincere thank you to all.


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